Entrepreneurs Are Turning To YouTube to Build Tech Skills During Pandemic

The landscape is gradually changing. Businesses know that more people will be working from home in the future, hence it doesn’t come as a surprise that entrepreneurs are turning to YouTube to build their tech skills.

The latest data shows that more people are interested in knowing about things such as collaboration tools, video conferencing tools, and remote working than ever.

The pandemic has forced people to come up with new and creative ways to work and learn. According to a BoxBoat report called ‘Leveling up Tech Skills During Covid-19.’, a growing number of entrepreneurs are checking out YouTube for how-to videos and guides to develop tech skills that can help them during and after the pandemic.

Why YouTube?

We know that YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform out there. This Google-owned company is now the world’s second-largest search engine.

Users interested in something don’t always go to Google, they simply go to YouTube and search for what they need. The platform has everything from how-to guides, reviews, and demos that can help people get answers to all their questions.

Since technical tools can be complicated, many users want to be able to ‘see’ what they have to do in order to achieve their desired results.

Despite Udemy and other such platforms, YouTube is the number one preference for most people to learn new skills as it offers almost everything you will find on other sites too without having to spend a penny. It works on all devices and even gives the option to save videos for offline viewing. 

What The Report Says?

According to the report, about 70% of people said their technology skills have improved moderately or greatly since COVID-19 started.

Source: Boxboat

The company published a blog covering the report and stated:

“Not only was YouTube the most common resource across all generations and overall, it was also voted the single most valuable resource for learning new tech skills during COVID-19. One in four respondents gave YouTube the MVP award.

Why Improve Tech Skills?

Entrepreneurs know and realize that they cannot succeed if they are not technologically advanced. Companies are spending thousands on employee training to enable them to be able to use the latest tech, but that alone is not enough as tech is advancing daily.

Avery Palos, CIO of Melco Resorts and Entertainment, had this to say about continued learning:

“Continuous learning is the key to remaining relevant with technology. I regularly send articles, training information, seminar invites, etc., to the staff to encourage them to self-study. I have even provided books on critical issues to encourage our staff to read.”

The person leading the business should also be tech-savvy, otherwise, he or she will not be able to lead the company in the right manner – let alone understand how to market their business in an ever-changing (and competitive) digital landscape.

Now more than ever, businesses are choosing to spend on digital marketing since more and more people are using the web to learn about businesses. Many have even chosen to get their own mobile app to make it easier for consumers to order online and get what they need.

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