5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Survive COVID-19

5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Survive COVID-19

It’s no secret that the restaurant business took a big hit during the pandemic. No one was prepared for it. How could we be?

Overnight people stopped eating out and even now, 5 months later, restaurants in many cities are still not allowed to welcome guests.

However, food is a necessity and the more people are limited to their kitchens, the more they crave the comfort of their favorite restaurant’s food.

Now that we’ve had time to adapt and prepare, here are a few things you can implement with your restaurant to survive the pandemic, no matter how long it lasts:

Introduce Contactless Payment

The concept of contactless payment isn’t new but it has received an increase in global attention in the last few months due to the current situation. About 47 percent of Americans expect to use contactless payments in the future.

Contactless payments remove the need to exchange currency notes and cards, which helps reduce the risk. You can use online wallets like PayPal or a card reader to allow guests to make payments.

Starbucks was very quick to introduce contactless payments through the mobile app. Getting an app is a big investment but it’s worth it if it’s in your budget since apps increase engagement, can be used to market products and services, and also improve brand loyalty.

Start Delivering Food

Food delivery has grown rapidly in the last few months as more and more people are staying at home and ordering meals. If you don’t already offer food delivery then you’re losing out on a huge network of potential customers.

Consider hiring riders and starting your own delivery network or join a platform like UberEats to use their resources. Both options have pros and cons. Compare the two and pick what suits you more.

You can even introduce a small delivery fee to offset the additional cost.

Make Sure to Follow SOPs

Consumers want to be safe, so they like to go to a place that takes precautionary measures and follows all SOPs such as checking temperatures, operating at limited capacity, etc.

Let your customers know you take their safety seriously and will go the extra mile to provide a safe environment. The key lies in spreading the word! Diners may not know what steps you’ve taken. Advertise through your social media handles and place signs to inform visitors.

Make sure your employees get the proper training on how to follow SOPs and make visitors feel comfortable. These guidelines ensure the staff’s safety as well as the customers.

Introduce Pickups

Most restaurants offer pickups but very few utilize this option in the right manner.

While delivery services can be a good way to generate business, pickups can be more affordable since users who visit the restaurant can easily be persuaded to spend more than visitors ordering from home.

There has been a 20% increase in people looking for curbside pickup in the last few months. This option removes the need to come into the restaurant and is easy to manage.

Go Digital With Your Menu

Digital menus reduce physical contact among visitors and staff. You can use tabs for menus and use QR codes to allow users to order.

In addition to this, placing your business and your menu on Brobia can be a great option for increased exposure! It will not only help more people find your business but allow people to browse your dishes contact-free so that when they show up, they are ready to order.

Having the option to put the order in and pay in advance is also a big bonus if you can offer this because it eliminates wait time at the restaurant.

Sell Gift Cards & Merchandise

Food isn’t the only way for a pizza place or a local coffee shop to make a profit. Sell gift cards, mugs, and t-shirts that people can buy to show their support. If you notice pop sockets are all the rage right now, try selling a few with your logo or a fun, local pride design. If no one on the team is design-savvy, work with a graphic designer to make a few high-quality products that a customer would be proud to wear.

At the end of the day, people want to support local restaurants and indulge in their favorite cravings. Follow these tips and you will be in an excellent position to keep your restaurant thriving during the pandemic!