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Free Must Have Tools for small businesses to get through COVID 19

Coronavirus has caused every small to big business a huge loss across the world.

While many of us are seeking effective ways to overcome these challenges, a lot of globally reckoned enterprises are offering their help through multiple discounts and free tools.

This simple gesture proved a sweet bonus for all the small businesses that are striving to make it through in this hard times.

So if you too want to know about these tools and benefit from them, read this blog till the end, we bet you will be amused.

5 Helpful Tools for Small Businesses

1. Microsoft

Microsoft and its products have helped tons of business to tackle the challenges in the most efficient way. 

Right now, it is offering six months of Microsoft Teams, communication, and team collaboration platform, with Microsoft 365 Business Basic.

In addition, you can also get Microsoft 365 Business Basic free for six months. After the free trial of six months, the license will cost you around $5 per user/ month. It’s still a steal!

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is also doing its bit by offering multiple free tools to small businesses.

You can get a free website, free access to its marketing tools.

If you are struggling with the marketing of your business, we suggest you check out its social media design tool. It comes with free 3-month subscription with added access to the design content library.

3. MailChimp

With MailChimp you will receive a free custom website domain. You can really use this opportunity to build your e-commerce store and expand your business digitally.

4. Hoot Suite

We all know Hootsuite is a social media management platform.

With a unified dashboard, it helps your team to manage the posts from multiple social marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

It is a great time to embrace this platform as it is providing free access to Hootsuite professionals for free until July 2020.

5. Cisco

Unfortunately, small businesses are more prone to hacking. Given the fact that security needs money, small businesses can barely afford it.

But thankfully, Cisco came to our rescue. Users can now get Cisco Duo security two-factor authentication tool for free. If you are already using Cisco, you can exceed the limit of your promised services.

Besides, it is offering web security tool Umbrella, VPN product AnyConnect, and conferencing tool for free till the month of July 2020.

In these difficult times, all of these enterprises came as a ray of hope for all the struggling businesses.

These were some of the many firms that are loosening up their tight subscription fees to help other businesses.

We hope our blog gave you an idea of how you can make the best of this opportunity and promote your business.

Brobia on the other hand is always there to help you.

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