How to Ask for Reviews

How to Ask for Reviews

The internet has made almost every business more vulnerable to fierce competition than ever. A quick Google search will yield many online stores and blogs with similar products. Now, where does that leave your startup company? How can you scale amidst this competition?

Not to worry, these facts don’t mean you can’t grow your business and customer base. You just need to find unique ways to get their attention and reviews.

Interestingly enough, reviews are one of the easiest ways to boost your online reputation organically. According to online review surveys, studies have shown that:

  • 4 in 5 potential customers read reviews before buying
  • 61% read reviews to ensure that the product or service works. And 53% read reviews to ensure they don’t get ripped off
  • 83% of shoppers find new products every month from end-to-end reviews
  • Before 7% of consumers trust a company, they need to read at least 20 reviews
  • Investing in reviews is a smart move. And creating a system to keep them coming is a plus for business performance

Benefits of Asking for Reviews

  • Improved search presence/rankings
  • Reputation boost
  • Higher ratings
  • It boosts SEO
  • It establishes credibility
  • Increased sales
  • Creates an avenue to improve product/service quality
  • Boosts marketing efforts

How to Ask for Reviews

It’s absolutely fine to ask for customer reviews, but be extra cautious with your approach. So what would be the best approach and medium to request customer reviews?


“Emails” are a great place to ask for reviews. For starters, it is a professional communication channel. Also, everyday consumers open their emails and would take time to respond to emails that require feedback. So using this channel to drive requests for customer review will guarantee engagement and response rates.

These email campaigns could be in the form of customer surveys. You can add a clear short message with a link to the page where the customer can leave the review.


Do you know that 56% of all online reviews originate from a mobile device? That’s not all! Text messages enjoy an average of 98% open rate compared to emails with a 40 to 50% open rate. And why not? Mobile phones and tablets let us interact on social platforms on the go.

Most individuals respond to SMS, social media messages as they pop up on our notifications bar. And that means that there is a high chance your review request will get clicked. So if you have not started asking for reviews via SMS, you need to start now.

Call to follow up

It’s not unusual for startups to follow up with their customers. You can use this chance to ask the customer if it’s okay to record a video at the end of the call. Some customers may not want you to film them. Don’t feel displeased; you will still find others who are eager to leave a review.

Landing Pages

Companies go a step further to automate customer review collection processes by embedding tools and widgets from third-party providers.

Dedicated landing pages help businesses improve the consumer experience by collecting valuable feedback. It’s also a great way to encourage customers to be more vocal about their experiences. Once it’s up and running, look for ways to drive customers to the page. You can share a link on your social media handles or pop it up at the end of transaction checkouts.


Facebook lets you connect with your customers and develop good personalized customer service. And if you don’t know where to begin, you can employ the opportunities Facebook group offers. By creating a customer group, you can connect with them easier and pay better attention to their views.

Summing It Up

To stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need to use various strategies. Getting feedback from your customers is one approach that works wonders. However, to get reviews regularly, it’s essential to promote your services while connecting with your local community and beyond.

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