Create Effective Coupons for Your Business

How to Create Effective Coupons for Your Business

Step out of your business shoes for a second and imagine a coupon from your favorite store that says 40% off all items.

You can feel it, right? That excitement coupled with the voice tells you to add that item you’ve always wanted to get in the cart. That is precisely how your customers react.

Market research shows how over 50% of customers actively search for coupons before making a purchase. Coupons are your customers’ favorite thing, and they can be yours, too!

If you’re struggling to make sales, get new customers, or engage existing customers, you need coupons. Coupons are an easy way to revive your sales without breaking the bank.

But how do you create these coupons? Is there a strategy behind designing effective coupons? If you’re new to using coupons or you’ve used them before but didn’t get the expected results, keep reading for tips on how to create the perfect coupons for your business!

Set an Expiration Date

Remember that one time you hoarded some coupons waiting to use them all in one day? If your coupon has no expiry date, the chances are high that consumers would stockpile them for use in the future.

You might be wondering why this is a bad thing if they’ll eventually use it at your store. It’s not, but if your goal for giving out coupons is to get an influx of customers, you may be falling short.

Set an expiration date to create urgency and make it legible and bold on the coupon. No consumer wants to find out a coupon has expired at the counter.

Avoid Running Into a Loss

You must have thought about this. How do companies benefit from coupons if they are taking such a loss? The fact is, when people come shop with coupons, they’re likely to purchase other items, which increases your sales. When is the last time you went to use a coupon for one item without leaving with something else? It’s not common!

But if you aren’t careful, you could run into a loss despite the increased sales you’ll get. How? By not doing your math right. Be sure to set discounts at prices that ensure you get a profit or at least break even. Don’t forget to include the cost of production for the coupons as well!

Set Clear Details on Your Coupon

There is nothing more embarrassing than buying a product with a coupon only to realize that the coupon doesn’t cover it. Don’t make your customers go through this! It’s frustrating and can impact their decision on whether or not to shop with you again.

If your coupons don’t cover certain products and services, make it clear on the coupon. These restrictions should not be in small print, this will make your customers feel as if they were being tricked. They should always be bold so that your customers can see them.

Optimize the Images on Your Coupon

When designing your coupons, keep this in mind! You want the images on your coupon to reflect the satisfaction they’ll get if your customers utilize it.

Also, make sure your branding is clear and recognizable!

Target Your Offers

Offer coupons to targeted sections of your consumer base. You’ll be surprised how far it will go when it comes to boosting sales!

For example, offer a special coupon to previous customers who haven’t purchased in a while.  You can also offer a special coupon deal to visitors to your page who haven’t made a purchase before. They will most likely love to take advantage of your generous offer! 

Offer Coupons On Brobia

A coupon is an easy but effective way to boost sales. As long as you protect your business against a loss, you can use coupons to get the interest of your previous customers as well!

Stick to the tips and start selling vouchers or offering your local community free, downloadable coupons on Brobia!