Tips to Improve Your Hiring Process

Tips to Improve Your Hiring Process

What does your recruitment process entail? Does it involve finding the candidate with the required experience, skill, and personality? Although this is a prerequisite to an effective hiring process, the process is a lot more complicated than that.

If you think asking candidates about what they are willing to bring to the table will help you see if they suit a position, think again. Most candidates lie about their qualifications, skills, and references. And some aren’t as competent as you think.

While it is close to impossible to pick the best candidate from the lot, some tips can make the hiring process easier for you. The tips shared in this article have been used by tons of businesses to hire great candidates.

Have a Good Job Description

Most companies think that they are doing potential hires a favor. On the contrary, the hiring process is a two-way evaluation process. While you are evaluating candidates for the best fit, candidates are also evaluating you to know if you’re a good fit for them. For this reason, you need to put your best foot forward, and the right place to start is from your job description.

Research on the effectiveness of job descriptions showed that a needs-based approach where employers highlighted what they could offer candidates worked better than a demand-based approach that highlighted what candidates could do for employers. In addition to that, your job description should be clear on the role’s requirements to avoid restarting the hiring process again.

Assess the Candidates

Candidate assessment is a great way to evaluate your applicant’s ability and suitability. It is not just a way to gauge the skills of your potential employees; it’s an excellent way to know more about them.

To design the perfect candidate assessment, check out some online assessments within your niche and design something unique to your brand. Your questions could range from skill proficiency and tests to hypothetical questions that provide insight into the thinking process of candidates. 

Take Advantage of Hiring Platforms

Hiring platforms are platforms that post job vacancies for people to apply for. Top examples include Indeed, Glassdoor and Brobia. These platforms have made provisions to streamline and whittle down the applicants to the highly qualified on the list.

This could be done through certain assessments included in the application process. They could also restrict applicants who don’t have specific qualifications from applying. In actual fact, you’re advertising to a wide range of people, but you don’t have to sift through applications to streamline them.

Ask for Feedback

The only way to improve on something is to know where you’re getting it wrong. While you can figure some of the deficiencies out yourself, the service provider is usually in the best position to point them out.

So don’t be shy to ask for feedback after a recruitment process, even from candidates that didn’t make the cut. With such feedback, you can improve your hiring process and increase your chances of getting the perfect candidate.

Hiring is a gamble, but you can improve your odds of hiring the best of the best by following the tips explained above. Remember, a recruitment process isn’t just about you, thus make sure you offer candidates a reason to apply. Request for feedback and take advantage of hiring platforms to make the process easier for you.

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