few tactics to save customer

6 Tactics to Keep Your Customers from Leaving

Customer, Business Revenue, and Marketing are the three important pillars of any business. They give you recognition, sale, and money which are the ultimate goals of any business.

Unfortunately, business owners are only obsessed with selling more. They clearly miss the point that attracting new customers is important but so is keeping the existing ones. Especially, in this pandemic.

We know a lot of you might already be struggling with keeping your existing customers. But trust us on this; it is cheaper and way easier to keep the existing customers than acquiring the new clientele.

According to a marketing analyst, the probability of selling your products to the existing clients is 60%-70%. On the other hand, it is as low as 5%-20% for the new ones.

The chances of your customer to opt for your competitor are around 9%. But if they feel negligent, there are 68% chances that they will call it quits with you.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, if you ask us, the only solution to this is to be consistent with your present customers.

With some strategies and keen observation, any business can spot a customer that can potentially be your life-long source of revenue. Well, we will save these strategies for another time.

If you are interested and want us to make a separate blog on this topic, then let us know.

But for now, let’s discover those multiple ways that can be your saviour and keep your customers from leaving.

6 ways can be your saviour
1. Offer your customers small surprises

This is old but the most effective tactic.

We all love surprises. But what if your favourite vendor or brand or provider lightens up your day with a special offer? We know you would be delighted, anybody would!

Such small and nurturing gestures make your customers feel special and valued. And it doesn’t even cost much. Remember, appreciation is important.

2. Work on building trust

The key to every successful business is trust. And the key to build trust is communication. Ideally, one needs to know its customers closely.

The best way to do that is to use customer behaviour data. When you understand the interests of your clients, it gets easier to provide them with the best quality.

In addition, businesses must focus on reviews and do the needful as soon as possible.

Fun Fact: When the customers completely trust you, there are 83% chances of them recommending you to their friends.

3. Re-engage customers via automation

Thankfully, we are in the era of automation and business owners don’t need to do everything by themselves. There are marketing automation tools that work best in monitoring your customers.

Plus, services like sending SMS, promotional emails, newsletters are well-managed by automation.

4. Overdo with your promises

Customers like a business when a promise is fulfilled, but they love a business when they get better than promised.

Thomas J Peters said – Formula for success is: under-promise and over-deliver.

Using this formula will allow you to exceed your client’s expectations. Result? A happy client that is most likely to tell 20 other people about the positive experience they had with you.

5. Turn complaints into an opportunity

It is often heard that we need to run away from the customers who complain. We say run to them. When a customer complains 90% of the time it is because of the unsatisfying service.

Businesses can use these complaints to pay attention to their negatives and improve. Never forget, a customer who complains; wants you to improve so they can stay connected. Therefore, attend your complaining customers with full dedication.

6. Connect with the customers on multiple channels

Although 80% of your customers might be using all the social media platforms, chances are they spend all their time on anyone.

So when you have a presence on multiple channels the customers can stay connected with you as per their convenience.

Well, there were some of our tested and proven tactics. Use them as your checklist and we bet you will be successful in keeping your customers happy.

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