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What to Know About New York’s Vaccine Mandate and How to Prepare Your Business

It has been more than a year, and life before the pandemic is a blur at best. Everyone has had to adapt to a new way of life in the post-Covid-19 era. This change hasn’t been limited to human movement. Businesses have also had to adjust to this present life.

2020 was a tough year for businesses due to the lockdown and reduced movement that limited business operations. But even though the stringent movement rules have been relaxed somewhat, we are still far from a life of no compromises and adjustments. The novel Delta variant of the Covid-19 tearing across the world and causing increased numbers in the ICU is just another reason.

The New York City government has passed a new bill to curtail the rise of new cases and increase the number of vaccinated citizens.

What Does the New Bill Entail?

On Monday, the Mayor of New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio, announced that he had signed an executive order that mandates indoor venues such as restaurants to require proof of vaccination before letting people use their facilities.

When asked about the idea behind this new order, the Mayor said he hoped this new order would encourage more people to get their vaccine shots.

The new bill would be enforced by September 3rd but would take effect from Tuesday, August 24th. Under this new bill, anyone who intends to use indoor areas would have to show their vaccinated status either through the NYC Covid Safe app or the Excelsior Pass.

For businesses, this new bill requires them to put up posters and effectively check the vaccination status of their customers. 

How Will the New Bill Affect Businesses?

More than the posters, the Key to NYC Pass bill could reduce physical presence in indoor businesses such as cafés, restaurants, saloons, and so on. People who haven’t been vaccinated would be unable to come in physically for services.

Also, businesses would have to sacrifice time and manpower to check potential visitors coming into their establishment. Even if businesses don’t record fewer visitors, the checking process is bound to slow down business.

By mid-September, businesses that don’t comply with these new regulations would be fined. It’s a lot to adjust to, especially small companies trying to stay afloat in this new reality.

What Can Business Owners Do?

In this Covid era, the name of the game is “adjustment.! There would always be ways businesses can adjust to this new reality. However, businesses can find new ways of doing old things and ensuring that new bills and laws don’t affect them much.

Last year, many businesses made the necessary shift to online operations when the government shut down physical businesses. Having an online presence is a great decision, and it can help your business get the visibility it deserves during this covid era. It is more stable, unlike physical services.

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