small business double down in mission during crisis

Why Small Businesses Need To Double Down On Their Mission During A Crisis

If you’re operating a business in these times then you must know how unpredictable the situation can be. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what era or country you are in, a crisis can come without a warning.

It can take many forms such as a pandemic, changing laws, and political tension. Such situations can harm all kinds of businesses but small businesses are most susceptible as they can’t take sudden bumps.

When situations arise, most businesses look for ‘solutions’ to get out of hot water but that might not be the best option. You should rather look at your business and concentrate on your mission.

Revisit Your Mission

A mission statement tells people why your business exists and what it aims to achieve. It can also be defined as “a short written statement of your business goals and philosophies”.

The problem, however, is that these goals and philosophies are very rarely revisited. Most people only concentrate on short-term or long-term goals and neglect the mission. While concentrating on goals is important, forgetting your mission can backfire as there’s a difference between your mission statement and your goals.

Let’s say you offer physical classes and your goal is to have 100,000 students by 2025. While it’s a solid goal, it can’t be your mission.

A mission is usually more philosophical and usually incorporates a company’s function, competitive advantages, and markets. Your mission can be to help more and more people identify who they are and maximize their potential.

See What Needs to Change

Look at the current situation. It’s hard, if not impossible, for businesses that offer ‘physical classes’ to stay afloat. Even big universities have gone virtual. In such a crisis, for a business to succeed, it must go digital and find a foothold without changing what it does.

You can still aim to have 100,000 students by 2025 while working to help people ‘maximize their potential’.

You’ll only have to change your workflow and use technology in the right manner. Almost every business has been forced to go virtual and many might never go back to doing business the traditional way.

Accepting and getting used to new technology can be difficult but it’s the need of the hour. As a business, you should focus on your mission statement and concentrate on how you can continue to achieve your goals.

Get Your Customers to Jump the Bandwagon

It can be easy to handle the internal environment, the real challenge is to get your customers on board. Not everyone who signed up for physical classes might be interested in online lectures. Some might not be tech-savvy, some might not have access to the required tools, etc.

As a business, you must make sure to get your students or customers onboard and convince them to support you. Highlight your mission and what you’re doing to help them. Also, educate them. For example, if you place your business on a platform like Brobia, then teach your students to use it!