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Today in the United States, seafood is one of our largest natural resource trade deficits; a shocking 91% of our seafood is imported! Growing world populations require healthy, sustainably produced seafood. To meet this demand, off shore acuaculture is an environmentally sustainable solution. Our U.S. wild finfish and shellfish stocks have diminished; catch levels are flat, at best, while our growing population and the demand for healthy protein continues to soar. It is IMPERATIVE that something be done to change the trends of depletion and deficit. Utilizing the latest in submersible cage technology, MANNA FISH FARMS (MANNA) will responsibly grow finfish, shellfish and seaweed. MANNA plans to operate aquaculture farms and continue to research Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA).

Manna Fish Farms, Inc. (MANNA) is leading the way in offshore aquaculture development in the United
States. MANNA will be one of the first offshore finfish farms on the East Coast of the United States. MANNA will operate the first North American organic certified finfish farm in Ontario, Canada, and MANNA is currently permitting to operate one of the first farming operations in the Gulf of Mexico. MANNA will implement a project plan that is responsible, transparent, and eco-friendly.

Committed to sustainability, MANNA is a pioneering, innovative venture in an industry where there is great need for innovation and expansion, both locally and globally. The United States, despite possessing the world’s largest Exclusive Economic Zone, is a leading global importer of fish and fish products. Current imports are a staggering 91% of the seafood consumed, creating a U.S. $15.50 Billion dollar trade deficit. The United Nations states that aquaculture production must double by 2030 if seafood consumption is to continue at current levels.

MANNA has assembled a team of marine scientists, aquaculture and operational experts, as well as collaborators from numerous prestigious academic institutions. Integration and partnerships between academia and industry are vital to advancing sustainable aquaculture in the United States and around the world. Manna Fish Farms is taking a leadership role by adopting transparency and best aquaculture practices (BAP), as established in other regions of the world. Manna’s strategy for the future will boost economies and take the pressure off wild fish stocks. Ocean farming is not an option, it is imperative and supports the Manna’s philosophy of sustainable food producer and job creator.

In collaboration with scientific advisors from SUNY Stony Brook University, The University of Rhode Island, St. Josephs College, The Webb Institute of Marine Engineering, The University of New Hampshire, MIT, The University of Southern Mississippi, and Roger Williams University, MANNA will explore aquaculture development in federal waters at multiple locations. MANNA is currently securing permits for a twenty-four (24) submersible cage ocean farm 8 miles off the coast of Eastern Long Island. Taking nothing from the sea, the off-shore cages are populated with fingerlings grown in our New York hatchery. The fingerlings will be fed via robotic automated feed buoys. As the fish grow 40-60 feet below the ocean’s surface, the cages are raised and lowered to allow for easy maintenance.

MANNA recently acquired a well established 15 cage aquaculture facility and hatchery in Ontario, Canada. MANNA’s new Canadian farm is the first organic certified finfish farm in North America. MANNA is currently working with the University of Southern Mississippi to study feasibility and secure permits for an aquaculture farm in the Gulf of Mexico. With an eye to the future, MANNA continues to explore grant opportunities, research new feeds, and new off shore aquaculture methods to responsibly grow healthy seafood. Off shore farming utilizing submersible cages has negligible impact on the environment and creates reef-like habitats and sealife. Working with local communities, MANNA will add jobs, train workforce and help revitalize local economies. MANNA is committed to ensuring transparency and “clean and green” in all of our efforts. With the support of our Local, Town, County, State and Federal governments, MANNA FISH FARMS will serve as aquaculture stewards as this new industry expands in the United States!


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